23 Sep

Cooking Techniques And Recipes From The Old West

Famous cowboys from the wild west era roamed the expansive western American lands on horseback. Some were outlaws, fairpoint tv, robbers and murderers. Some were entertainers that put on “wild west” shows. The lawmen chased and tried to catch the outlaws but the ironic thing was that some of the lawmen were outlaws in other states at the time.

Cowboys such as Jesse James committed twenty-one murders before being killed by a member of his own gang. Buffalo Bill was Continue Reading »

26 May

The History Behind Barbed Wire Fencing

Before the invention of barbed wire, fences were made up of a single strand of wire, which were easily broken by the weight of cattle pressing up against it. A man named Michael Kelly made a vast improvement to wire fencing when he twirled two strands of wire together to form one cable of barbs. This clever design, which became known as the “thorny fence,” made for a stronger fence, and the prickly barbs assured that the cattle would avoid rubbing up against it.

In the mid-1800s, other inventors filed patents to compete with Michael Continue Reading »

27 Mar

Fashion: Clothing From The Wild West Era

The days of the Wild West may be gone, but they are not forgotten; look at today’s fashion! Cowboy boots are everywhere–even in the most urban of cities, you will see both men and women bringing this look back. All over America, people are scouring antique malls trying to attain the authentic look that vintage cowboy boots lend to any outfit. Black, brown, or maroon, they are the perfect wedding of style and practicality. Name-brand designers have realized this and are creating boots that incorporate brilliant colors into intricate designs, creating boots that any Continue Reading »

20 Jun

Great Cowboy Songs From Cattle Drives

Who doesn’t love singing along to one of those great old cowboy songs of the past? These songs bring to mind to hard, dusty, thirsty work of those cowboys. Cowboy songs came about by necessity, and were sung not only for relief and enjoyment and communication, but also to move the cattle along.

The cowboys had a special connection to those herds of skiddish cattle that were cajoled along the way on that long cattle trail. Songs started out as the cowboys sang to the cattle to encourage them. Cowboys also took to singing and Continue Reading »

20 Oct

The Famous Chisholm Cattle Drive Trail

The American cowboy’s story begins on the Chisholm Trail. The men of Texas served in the Confederate Army and left behind their small herds of longhorns. The unattended cattle grazed and multiplied. The men who were fortunate enough to return home after the war saw themselves now “cattle-poor” with too many cows and no where to sell them. Salt pork had been the main meat of soldiers and in the East, only small numbers of beef cows could be raised due to the landscape of the region.Didn’t catch that? This explains it. Jesse Chisholm had begin Continue Reading »

16 Oct

Homesteading And Pioneering In The Wild West

In the 19th century, the American wild western frontier was a dangerous place to live. Cowboys, guns, cattle, horses, and gunfights consumed the wild terrain. However, the Wild West would also be a home to stalwart pioneers and homesteaders taking advantage of the Homestead Act signed into law in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln.

The provisions of the Homestead Act permitted any family to claim land and farm the land for 5 years before the family could legally own the land. Thousands of European Continue Reading »

12 Oct

Role Of The Native American’s In The Wild West

The role of the native American in the wild west is problematical due to the influence of Hollywood. We see the native American Indian in many roles. He is shown as being the wild savage, attacking the settlers wagons. Close ups of native American Indians show a wild face painted and eyes glaring in rage. Then, again, we see the native American Indian as a charming buffoon sitting outside of bars and smoking a pipe. He looks harmless and Continue Reading »

02 Oct

Awful Things About Being a Cowboy

Being a cowboy was the bestyou didn’t have to worry about picking up the kids or whether or not you set the home security alarm. But before you get all wrapped up in the romanticism of it you’ve got to remember some of the awful parts of living in the Wild West
The Clothes – Have you ever noticed how cowboys always have on full leather when it appears to Continue Reading »

15 Jul

Wyoming: How It Became The Cowboy State

The accrual of horses in Wyoming began in the mid-1600s when local tribes gathered them not only for conveyance and hunting purposes, but as a sign of how wealthy the tribe was in comparison to other local tribes. The plains of Wyoming are ideal for cattle herding and when the Union Railroad arrived in 1867, it promoted the raising of cattle in those areas. But it wasn’t just the railroad. The Homestead Act, further endorsed ranching in the area, and was what continued to contribute to Wyoming’s already growing population of cattle ranchers. It also Continue Reading »

12 Jul

Wild West Folk Lore: Myths And Fats

Brave lone horsemen riding fearlessly into the wide open prairies to seek out and fight the evil Red men who were also hunting them. This is the stuff of legend about the American Old West: it is also just so much horse droppings. The fact is that the Indians who lived in the Old West were no more blood thirsty than the settlers who were just looking for a place to live. Both sides came into the Western areas with expectations and prejudices that did not help Continue Reading »